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Laguna Colorada – Salar de Uyuni – Bolivia: Located at around 4200m above sea level this is one of many massive lagunes in the Andes.

Laguna Colorada is red/orange from all the algae and plankton, depending on season its more or less color. The surface area is 60 km²


Bariloche – Argentina: Bariloche is located in the lake district in Argentina, there is a lot of nice hiking around in this area! Lovely nature!

This panorama is taken from Cerro Campanario, its located in a very good spot with view over most of Bariloches beautiful surroundings.


El Chalten – Argentina: El Chalten is located in the heart of the Argentinian Patagonia, and its the trekking capital of Argentina!

The nature is lovely, everything from glaciers to nice lakes, you are able to do day hikes or stay at camp sites along the trails.

Side note: The valley in the middle is where El Chalten is located, to the left outside the photo is Cerro Torre and Mt Fitz Roy.


Arenal vulcano – Costa Rica: Arenal is an active vulcano in the north-western parts of Costa Rica. Its activity appears to decrease, but is still one of the most active in the world.

Around the area is many hotsprings located due the vulcano. A lovely area to hike and relax in, alot of lushes nature due the location.


Cerro Chato – Costa Rica: Cerro Chato is a dead vulcano nearby Arenal. The hike up to the creater ( below ) is no easy task and the elevation gain is about 700m in parts of rainforest!

After such a hike ( 2nd half, steep muddy rainforest “climbing” ) it was good to have a swim on the lagun! In total i think it took me about 6-7 hours with 1 hour at the creater!


Santiago de Chile – Chile: Not much to say, Santiago during fall, taken from Cerro Santa Lucía in the main parts of town.


Parts of Gothenburg harbor – Sweden: My lovely hometown of Gothenburg! Well i live slightly outside but still :) Panorama taken late May from Ramberget around 9PM.

Got to love the nordic summers, abit worse during winter when its the other way around with the light.

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